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Welcome to TNH Internet Service, Charlotte County's Oldest On-Line provider

Kids - Summer 2007
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AVAST Anti-Virus and Spybot Search & Destroy... my very favorite programs for protecting my computer. Please note that I have a new "favorite" anti-virus. But best of all, they are both free. Both can be downloaded from our server by clicking their respective links above but be aware that you will have to update them when you install them, so stay connected to the Internet! AVAST is a very large file so be patient!
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Alternate local phone numbers
... if you are experiencing problems or abnormally slow connection speeds, you can try one of these.
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New Dialer - Includes National access numbers as well as local numbers.
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TNH Setup Disk.... This is the setup for the Port Charlotte / Punta Gorda area only. If you are outside this local calling area, use the dialer described above. Remember, if your CD is dated prior to October, 2004, it's obsolete and will cause problems. However, if you prefer to correct issues manually rather than download the setup file, you can go ahead and install the old CD and then manually fix the problems by following the instructions located here.

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DID YOU KNOW.... We do computer repairs, too. Subscribers get reduced prices on repairs. Unfortunately, you must bring your computer in to our shop for repairs... no house calls at this time. We do, however, try to get your "baby" back to you the same day whenever possible. 
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Basic "clean up and tune up service"... We will clean out viruses, trojans and spyware and download all current Windows updates for our Internet subscribers for a flat rate of $65-Windows XP or 2000, or $70-Windows 98 or ME . Please call first to schedule a time to bring your computer in. Allow a minimum of 4 hours for us to complete the work on XP or 2000, but be aware that in some cases, it may take longer. This price is for subscribers to TNH Internet services only. All others will pay our regular rate of $75 for this service.
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If you are experiencing frequent disconnects you might want to check your email and modem settings. Instructions can be found here. you might want to check your email and modem settings. Instructions can be found here.